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Comparing the Best Small Business Solutions


Long gone are the days when businesses depended on manual work, paper-pushing, and number crunching. Thanks to the latest technological developments, companies can just invest in business solutions to support, automate and improve their processes. Such tools can help eliminate errors, complete tasks, report activities, share necessary updates, leading to an increase in overall efficiency.

If you have a business that is managed by a small team, these solutions can help reduce the workload immensely and help you focus on more important tasks. But which tool is best for you? To assist with your decision we have compared some of the market leaders, highlighting everything from benefits to team sizes they work well for:


This cloud-based business solution helps to streamline all back-office processes, like CRM, accounting, and e-commerce. No matter what industry you operate in, this business can help increase growth, reduce IT costs, and eliminate operational inefficiencies. Its built-in business reporting, intelligence, and real-time visibility help you take key, revenue-generating decisions instead of worrying about your back-end systems.

Jira by Atlassian

Jira is a software development tool that can be used by agile teams of 2 to 20,000 members. It can help you streamline workflow on every stage, from planning to shipping and releasing, by easily automating any task. Its native roadmaps can help your team track their work progress with respect to their individual big-picture goals.

This software offers a free edition that can be used by teams with up to ten at no cost, forever.


This holistic business management software is 100% free, no matter what the team size and offers a lot more tools compared to other solutions. Some of these features include CRM, document management, time management, project management, absence management, invoicing, virtual PBX, business process automation, shared calendars, collaboration, email marketing, company directory, and much more.

Available on the cloud, the software can easily be installed on your server and is ready to be used within 30 seconds!

This productivity suite is a unique blend of task management, time tracking, contact management, and billing. is ideal for individuals like consultants, freelancers, as well as teams of any size who are looking for improved efficiency, quality, and transparency. is free for individuals, and the paid plans cap at the cost of 11 users (if you pay for 11 users, you get to enjoy unlimited access).

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