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Comparing the Top CRM Software Tools


A CRM tool can help organize and manage customer data and create a more efficient and streamlined process for your sales and  marketing departments. The best CRM software can help you:

– Sell more services and products

– Create a smooth sales process for clients

– Make storage and retrieval of data easier

– Automate customer communication via email marketing

To help you enjoy all of these benefits, we have listed down the top CRM software tools in the market, and compared their selling points as well as their price points:


Salesforce is a well-rounded CRM tool that can be customized to fit and optimize your business needs. It offers faster lead searches, a hassle-free internal client management process, and automation of business processes. Some of its popular products include Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud, all of which can be integrated to make your customer relations more streamlined than ever before. Salesforce offers an array of benefits like:

– Shows you where your clients are in the customer journey

– Intuitive revenue and client data reporting

– Features for email marketing, data visualization, and more

– Easy third-party integration with tools like Outlook, Mailchimp, and Zapier and big names like Google and Facebook

– Great data security


Salesforce offers more affordable price points compared to other tools in the market. You can choose from four subscription models starting at $25/user/month to $300/user/month, depending on your budget.


While you can customize Salesforce to fit your individual business needs, HubSpot focuses more on inbound marketing and sales. This user-friendly CRM tool is very popular amongst small businesses. It’s benefits and features include:

– HubSpot helps you grow traffic, enjoy higher conversions, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns

– The customer service software helps you connect with customers

– It is extremely user friendly and easy-to-learn

– Gives deeper insights into prospects and automates tasks for faster closure on deals

– Allows you to track client activity before and after purchases via product consideration and repeat purchase metrics

– Provides relationship management solutions for social media, sales funnels, and other digital business processes


HubSpot is more expensive compared to Salesforce, but it offers a free basic plan. You can also choose between the starter, professional, and enterprise plans priced between $50 and $3,000/month.

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