Top Home Insurance Companies of the Year Compared


Your home will likely be your most meaningful investment, so it’s important to protect it with the best home insurance plan available. Of course, you’ll want to pick a plan that’s affordable – but you also want sufficient coverage so the plan will be able to cover your claim in case disaster strikes. Reliable customer service is also something you should be looking at. If you’re unable to decide which home insurance company to go with, this guide is for you! We’ve compared all the home insurance companies and shortlisted the best ones!


One of the best home insurance companies in the U.S., Nationwide ranks excellent for the consumer experience it provides. Customers can file claims and track them by phone or online, and the company’s website has a pretty extensive library of content that policyholders can use to educate themselves on the nitty-gritty of insurance terminologies.


Founded in the year 2015, Hippo emphasizes user experience and technology. The company offers home insurance policies through Spinnaker Insurance, its subsidiary. Hippo offers a 60-second instant quote, thus helping customers compare plans and rates easily. The company is best known for all the extras that they offer, like the virtual connections to home maintenance advisors and smart home monitoring systems.


Chubb’s offerings are tailored toward owners of expensive homes, which is why they’ve designed most of their offerings to cater to well-to-do clients. The company offers comprehensive coverage, including not-so-common ones like HomeScan, which helps homeowners uncover issues with their home before they can cause any damage.


If you have a “green” home, Travelers’ home insurance plan may be ideal for you. The company offers policy buyers a discount if their properties are classified as “green” by the Leadership Energy and Environmental Design organization. Further, the insurer’s optional Green Home Coverage will help cover the additional expenses of using environmentally friendly construction materials at the time of rebuilding after a covered loss.

State Farm

The insurance company is known for offering a number of additions to standalone home insurance plans. The increased dwelling limit add-on, in fact, doesn’t even cost anything extra but increases the coverage you receive. There are plenty of other additional coverage policy buyers can opt for at the time of purchasing the plan.

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